Choosing to Act: Paths for Potential Whistleblowers

Among the many exciting trends examined in the recent annual report of the SEC Office of the Whistleblower, I was particularly impressed by the substantial growth in the number of tips received by the Commission. The nearly 4,000 tips—a record—not only illustrates growing public awareness of the program, but also demonstrates public action. Simply, a startling and increasing number of individuals are coming forward to stop corruption in the workplace. We are living in the age of the whistleblower, because so many courageous individuals take on this responsibility as law enforcement’s first line of defense against wrongdoing.

Thinking about this topic, I was reminded of an interview I gave to Chief Investment Officer for an informative article, If You See Something, Say Something: A Whistleblowing Choose Your Own Adventure. In addition to referencing our recent landmark study of the financial services industry, the article cleverly lays out various options available to whistleblowers. As the article makes clear, fraud persists, and the question of how and when to blow the whistle is an extraordinarily complex one. If you are interested in reading more about key considerations for potential whistleblowers, click here. 

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