A Client-First Approach

Our exclusive focus on SEC whistleblowers renders us uniquely attuned to the myriad of issues our clients face, as they tackle one of the most difficult decisions in their lives. This sensitivity shapes every area of our legal practice.

Intake Process

Our process is thoughtful, informed by both quantitative data and in-the-trenches experience. It is not uncommon for us to spend months confirming the existence of a securities violation or strengthening the evidentiary record for a client. In evaluating cases, we view potential clients as individuals, appreciate their goals and address their fears. We systematically push, probe and challenge clients to find the strengths and weaknesses in their cases. On our end, we call upon sophisticated and proprietary data analytics tools to help clients make informed decisions about whether, when and how to blow the whistle. We are always open, honest and direct. Due to the high-stakes involved, SEC whistleblowers deserve nothing less.

Case Selection

We are a low-volume and ultra-selective whistleblower representation practice. Our past successes allow us to be patient. Historically, on average, we have accepted less than 12 cases per year. Because we care deeply about investor protection, apart from the potential for substantial monetary sanctions and awards, we consider the significance of the violations and the nature of the harm. In fact, each year, we accept one or two cases, in which there is egregious wrongdoing—even though the probability of success or potential monetary sanctions is relatively low.

Case Staffing

We don’t bait and switch. Inexperienced and junior lawyers will never learn on our clients’ cases. Our experienced attorneys carry their own bags and only former senior SEC prosecutors work on our whistleblower matters. We are proud to offer clients a dream team of legal experts with over 100 years’ combined SEC experience overseeing hundreds of successful SEC enforcement actions. With stakes this high, whistleblowers should rely upon time-tested, real-world experience building, litigating and winning complex securities cases.

Team Dynamic

Where most law firms rely on lean staffing models to drive profits, we operate our law firm as a large and collaborative team. All three of our principal attorneys meet, consult with and provide their insights, instincts and experience to each of our SEC whistleblower clients. While each client engagement will have a lead attorney assigned to it, effectively, our clients benefit from having three experienced former SEC prosecutors working on their case, for the price of one.

Concierge Service

Some whistleblower practices file the necessary paperwork and disappear. Not us. We are in it for the long haul, available to our clients 24/7, providing a comprehensive and complimentary suite of services to address the full panoply of a whistleblower client’s needs. Sometimes our clients need help finding new jobs or new homes, other times they need financial planning assistance to manage substantial SEC whistleblower awards. We have met with clients in a church, at a neighborhood playground and on vacation abroad. Our job is to guide clients through tricky terrain with compassion and responsiveness. And that doesn’t happen on our terms, it happens on our clients’.

Named one of the top whistleblower practices/attorneys in the country by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR and The New Yorker
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