When courageous individuals speak out against wrongdoing, we stand up, we step closer and use every tool in our arsenal to make their voices heard.

Our clients

Some people look the other way. Not our clients. They are fearless, refusing to be silenced or marginalized. They are the change agents, who see something and say something.

Because the truth is powerful and transformative. Our clients’ courage safeguards jobs and investors, ensures fair markets and facilitates capital formation. While some may discredit them and others may abandon them, we proudly protect and fight for those others call rebels, troublemakers and outsiders.

Our mission

We seek to level the playing field, so SEC whistleblowers can successfully report securities violations—without personal or professional regrets.

We are guided by Eight Core Principles:
Size matters, but success matters more.

We are a low-volume, ultra-selective whistleblower practice. Our past successes allow us to be patient; typically, we accept less than 12 cases each year. This selectivity allows us to focus on significant, precedent-setting matters and has consistently led to market-leading results.

Market Leading Results SEC Whistleblower Program Handbook

High-stakes and high-profile cases are better handled by subject matter experts.

In contrast to other whistleblower practices, we don’t attempt to do everything. We were the first, and remain the only, national law firm exclusively focused on representing SEC whistleblowers.

Meet Our Team Our Unique Approach

The securities laws are complex and take years to master.

Unlike other whistleblower practices that have little or no securities experience, we have been successfully prosecuting securities cases for decades. And, our three principal attorneys that represent our SEC whistleblower clients collectively have over 65 years of successfully prosecuting high-profile SEC enforcement actions.

Unparalleled Securities Experience Securities Law Primer

SEC whistleblowers are best represented by leaders from the securities enforcement community.

At our firm, only former senior SEC attorneys work on whistleblower submissions. our founding partner was a principal architect of the SEC Whistleblower Program and, in addition to investigating, litigating and supervising some of the most significant enforcement actions in history, our attorneys have longstanding relationships with the leadership of every SEC office and specialty enforcement unit in the country.

Unique SEC Whistleblower Expertise SEC Insider’s Guide

Law firm staffing models should serve whistleblower clients, not profits.

At SEC Whistleblower Advocates, unlike other whistleblower practices, we have a 'no amateurs rule.' Only senior former federal law enforcement attorneys with decades of securities prosecution experience, work on our clients' SEC whistleblower cases. With stakes this high, whistleblowers should rely upon time-tested, real-world experience building, litigating and winning complex securities cases.Together, team has been responsible for hundreds of successful SEC enforcement actions.

Meet Our Team Unparalleled Enforcement Experience

The decision to blow the whistle is one of the most important choices an SEC whistleblower will ever make and should be informed by sophisticated data analytics.

Complementing our unique SEC experience, our success is driven by a highly disciplined qualitative and quantitative analytical approach to client advocacy. To better serve our clients, we have pioneered a sophisticated case analysis and development methodology that leverages proprietary securities research and databases.

Eligibility Calculator SEC Awards Analysis

The probability of a successful SEC enforcement action and a large whistleblower award is enhanced when tips are supported by expert analysis and assistance.

Unlike other whistleblower practices, to help the SEC Staff build successful whistleblower cases, we leverage our longstanding consulting relationships with experts in virtually every sector of the financial services industry. Located in the heart of Wall Street, we also have longstanding consulting relationships with experts in virtually every sector of the financial services industry. These expert services are provided at no cost to our whistleblower clients.

A World-Class In-House Team Orthofix Case Study

Being a successful SEC whistleblower can be tricky, our clients deserve concierge legal service.

Some whistleblower practices file the necessary paperwork and disappear. We are in it for the long haul, available to our clients 24/7. We provide comprehensive advice and VIP service to our clients on everything from how and when to blow the whistle, to what to do when the Commission grants a substantial whistleblower award.

A Concierge Whistleblower Practice A Culture of Service

Named one of the top whistleblower practices/attorneys in the country by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR and The New Yorker
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