Warren wants SEC chief sacked

Jordan A. Thomas weighs in on Warren calling for Obama to dismiss SEC Chair

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has revealed her displeasure with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Jo White, demanding for President Obama to demote White due to her lack of support of crafting a rule which requires public companies to disclose their political spending activities.

While calling Warren a “breath of fresh air” on many issues, partner Jordan A. Thomas told the Boston Herald that he disagrees with her on the narrow question of the SEC’s national enforcement program and opinions on White. “The national enforcement program has been strengthened under her [White’s] leadership, and her commitment to the SEC whistleblower program has revolutionized securities enforcement,” said Thomas. He added, “Her efforts to seek admissions from culpable parties, charge individuals and increase the trial capabilities of the commission were important initiatives that advanced the investor protection mission.”

Named one of the top whistleblower practices/attorneys in the country by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR and The New Yorker
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