Whistleblower Laws Could Deliver Multibillion Budget Boost: U.S. Lawyer

Jordan A. Thomas discusses why Australia should adopt the U.S. whistleblower structure

Many lawyers have highlighted the advantages of introducing a whistleblower protection program in Australia that is similar to the one in place in the United States. While whistleblower policies in the U.S. allow multimillion dollar payouts to employees calling out corporate crime, the regulations in place for Australian whistleblowers don’t deliver the same benefits.

Partner and Whistleblower Chair Jordan A. Thomas explained to the Birsbane Times how implementing an approach similar to the U.S. would benefit whistleblower protections in Australia. “In the United States, we have whistleblower bounty programs that incentivize reporting of securities, commodities and tax violations, along with fraud against the government,” Thomas said. “There is little doubt that they would be popular with Australian citizens. After all, for the last several years, Australians have consistently been one of the top sources of tips for the SEC Whistleblower Program,” he added.

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